Brok Kharne

Ogrin fighter. Tall, big and mean. To those he does not care for anyway.


__How does one describe a six hundred pound, steel covered soldier of fortune? I imagine you could say bulky, perhaps noisy, but you are not truly giving this creature it’s proper respect. You see Brock is an Ogrin fighter, a soldger who believes one should be prepared. His sword is massive and his shield covers his entire upper torso. So it’s about 4 feet wide and tall. He has many other tools to dispatch his enemy’s at will and he carries it all with ease. He is a humanoid tank.

But there is more to Brook than fighting. He is no stranger to combat and will deal with any who stand to hurt him. This is true, but there is more. He has grown tired of the continued fighting in the North and with is last contract completed he decided to simply move on. To find a new way. A new way however is not easy for a Ogrin whos sole purpose in life has been war. Now he finds himself in Bloodstone employed at one of the finest pleasure houses he has ever seen in the middle of one of the worst towns he has ever been in. He does not know what his future will be but he knows it will at least be interesting.

Brok Kharne

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