Nolan Langworth Von Halgurhald

Nolan is a young looking dwarf just shy of 5' with bright reddish-orange hair and beard. He has inquisitive green eyes and a scarred left ear. He wears mechanika armor and weapons of fine quality.


Experience Gains:
+2 Occupational Skills: +1 Negotiation, +1 Interrogation
+1 Ability: +1 Bond (gain second Bond)
+1 Stat: +1 Arcane


Nolan Langworth Von Halgurhald, is the fourth son of Nochel Langworth who serves as Banner Captain to Ilgrad Hallerech Halgurhald, the grandson to Clanmother Freda Halgurhald, Lady of Clan Halgurhald.

As a fourth son to a Banner Captain, Nolan destined greatness lay in the workshops and foundries of Langworth Aggregates, Inc. “The Great Stone Fathers blessed us with mountains,” Lady Freda would exclaim, “and by their hoary balls we are going to make molehills out of them!” Thus, the sons and daughters of the clan worked the mines and manufactured drilling and excavating equipment specialized for deep bore mining. Halgurhald’s lucrative operations in southeast Rhul, near the Iosan border were a point of pride for the clan and were vigorously promoted and defended by the clan mother, Freda Halgurhald.

Nolan was raised as any good and proper child should be – at a workbench; sorting springs and bolts until he grew old enough to walk; at which point, he began assembling gears and equipment modules; then moved up to running messages in the forges and mines. Despite all the fun and games of running around in highly dangerous mine shafts and industrial forges, Nolan always felt something missing from his life. He was forever being distracted by holes or hallways, wandering around the clan holdings when not being supervised closely. Nolan’s father despaired that his son would grow up a half-wit, untalented at mining and crafting.

It came as a shock, and mild disappointment, when it was discovered that Nolan had ‘the Gift’. Nochel had expected his fourth child to continue the family business of aggregates and Mining equipment, but alas, it seemed he would be destined for the Rhulic military academy and warcaster training. “Perfectly good waste of a son, if you ask me,” Nochel would exclaim to his wife, Beatruz. “No one asked you, my dear-heart,” Nolan’s mother would rebut, “but while your complaining to the Stone Fathers, why don’t you ask them to push that marrow-thug of a mother of yours down a well for me and we will all get some peace around here.” The lands of Rhul may have been blessed with strong borders and mineral riches, but the gods skimped on the blessing of marital bliss, as they did everywhere in western Immorean. Yet none would say Nochel was not a loving father, and he wished his son well on his departure for Ghord. He promised Nolan that he would always have a place at home … doing something useful, like captaining a nice border tower somewhere near Ios.

Nolan took it all in stride as he took it all in. The trip to Ghord had been his first outside the clanhold and he was amazed at the newness of the world he encountered. He did well in his training at the Academy of Military Arts in Ghord and discovered his aptitude for runecrafting. His arcane instructors fostered his studies in the Care and Feeding of Steamjacks and esoteric Mechanika while his drill instructors fostered his “negotiation” skills. During his tutelage, Nolan still found time to explore the byways and conduits of Ghord, answering his one true calling – exploring. Upon his graduation, Nolan took the first posting he could get out of Rhul, which wasn’t to difficult since most Rhulfolk found the lands beyond the borders to be low, wet, grimy and largely unkempt. Nolan, dressed in his newly crafted Warcaster armor and carrying his pickaxe, Laut Streik, boarded a riverboat heading south to join with the Brattengurd Outfitters Company in the Llaelese capital city of Myrwyn.

The Brattengurd Outfitters traded raw materials for finished Rhulfolk goods, shipping them up and down the Black River. Farnur Brattengurd, the elder and trade Captain of the outfit in Myrwyn took on Nolan as a “security” officer, ostensibly to provide additional security at the companies storage in the city. However, when Beatruz Longworth arranged for the position with here third cousin, Farnur’s second wife, she had hoped that Nolan would pick up the honorable skills of trading and commerce and rid himself of the silly notions of exploration and experimentation.

Farnur Brattengurd was happy to have the added labor, particularly one that could drive a laborjack and maintain the mechanikal equipment. Nolan’s glorious career as a Rhulic Warcaster began with slinging pallets of wood and bushels of grains onto riverboats heading north to Lake Armsdeep in Rhul. But, the winter of 604 AR would change his life forever.

Nolan Langworth Von Halgurhald

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