In Power: Baron Ennis Greyfield, Captian Bandesco Vascero Mantador, Captain Nollos Oreblood
Population: 850 Human (Mostly Caspian, 75-80 from Khador and Ord), 200 Gobbers, Small number of Ogrun, Trollkin and Dwarves. There are even some Iosans
Military: No formal military present.
Imports: Food perishables, Textiles and Livestock
Exports: Sandstone, Trouble

The Dig – North of Bloodstone is an archeological site where Orgoth ruins were found. Many people went there to seek riches but ended up finding death and loss. That said, ever since the archeologists funded by the universities showed up there has been a renewed interest in the site.

Many on the inhabitants of Bloodstone believe Bloodstone received its name from the simple fact that many men and women die in the streets of Bloodstone each day turning the stone streets blood red. Although the streets are stained by those who have died over the years Bloodstone’s name is not as ominous as it would seem. With a simple look past the dirty, blood stained streets it is easy to see why the first inhabitants of this area called it bloodstone. The dark sandstone that makes up ditches in this area has a peculiar vain of red material, possibly a foreign mineral that runs through the rock formations like veins in the earth. These red veins are the cause for eerie red glow when the sun light reflects off them late in the day. Some weather conditions also cause the area to almost glow and on full moons the light reflecting off the veins light up the area as well. When the dust kicks up with high winds the whole place seems to become some place not of Caen, rather a place between two worlds.

There are rumors and some would say fact that the reason for Bloodstones unusual rock formations, wild climate shifts and other worldly feeling is because of the Orgoth. The Orgoth destroyed the lands that are now called the Ditches. The area is a waste land of deep valleys and sandy-bottomed, twisted cavers. One can easily become lost in the ditches. It is recorded; the Orgoth strip mined the entire area forcing slaves to cut huge limestone blocks out of the earth. What they did with these blocks is still yet to be determined. There have been many researchers and would be adventures who have ventured out into the Ditches to look for fortune and glory only never to return.

Bloodstone’s history is rich in story as a pirate cove. It has been a pirate and privateer harbor for years now. Its harbors are naturally made to hold even the biggest ships. Many crewel and callous characters have made Bloodstone there home port over the years. Until recently it was regulated by the Cygnaran Navy. The occational blockade and raid was enough to keep the pirates in place. A cat and mouse game where the mice would hide in there holes to keep away from the big bad cat. However, war is everywhere else in the world and those who would care about Bloodstone are busy. At least as far as anyone would care outside of Bloodstone. Now many of the pirates, charlatans and murderers have been able to roam free and take riches from where ever they find an unsuspecting ship or shore town. Cygnar is simply too occupied with their War efforts to keep the pirates in check. There is competition among thieves but for the most part Bloodstone has prospered these past few years.

There are the rumors of infernals and ghosts and all sorts of nastiness that seems to pop up from time to time but for the people of Bloodstone, the only real threat they worry about in there day to day is the guy…or gal next to them.


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