The Dig

In Power: No one. That’s the problem.
Population: 30-40 Human. Some Dwarves and Gobbers.
Military: No formal military present.
Imports: Everything
Exports: Artifacts if they can find them.
Noted Persons: None at the moment
History: The Dig is an Orgoth archeological site North of Bloodstone.

Locales: Cave of the Dig where the first discovery was found.

History: The Dig is an archeological site North of Bloodstone where Orgoth ruins were discovered.

The Dig is a relatively new mark on a map; if ever there was a good map of the Ditches. It was discovered by chance when a caravan traveling North to Clockers Clove happened to enter a cave to escape a nasty spring storm that all too often plague the area known as the Ditches. As the caravan waited out the storm they noticed elaborate drawings and a language no one recognized and an odd presence in the cave that seemed to be watching them, haunting them. The night in the cave was filled with almost palpable fear and after a man was found mysteriously dead the next morning the caravan broke camp and headed back to Bloodstone.
After arriving in Bloodstone they told who ever would listen of the cave and the unusual markings on the walls. A group was eventually gathered and was sent back to investigate this cave and to mark in on the map as a place of refuge in a storm. One of the men that arrived recognized the marking as some sort of language and word was sent north about the discovery of the camp. Shortly thereafter in the first week of Trineus, University representatives from Corvis made it to the area know known as the the Dig to assess what was there and what all the fuss was about. Once they arrived they indisputably knew the language was some variant of Orgoth and the cave may well be an entrance to a temple. Many believed the cave may even have been a large gathering area with what could be possible doorways leading to other areas deep underground. However, the entire place was ready to collapse and some early treasure hunters died. So the universities have now called in help from engineering teams to properly uncover this new found temple.
The other problem and what has some scholars are so excited is the entire area around The Dig seems to be protected with foul arcana.
Arriving to the Dig you would think it was a tent town. A natural spring nearby were fresh water is available keeping the area livable but that seems to be a problem as well. The Dig has been attacked by Dregs and what some are calling ghosts. Although many of the scholars and would be treasure hunters have just arrived many are starting to rethink their motivation for staying at The Dig.
Most of the work done by university members is done on the outside of the cave where they have uncovered what may have been an Orgoth settlement.
Just recently there was an attack by what most would call zombie soldiers that seemed to raise out of the ground and kill 5 or 6 students. The story could have been worse if not for a small group of mercenaries contracted by Brunner Addlesmith which dispatched the zombies.

The Dig

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